Mule Deer European Replica Skull Mount ” With Notched out Skull Plate”


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Here is our Mule Deer European Replica “Notched Skull Cap” skull mount. This skull has incredible detail. The skull cap has been notched out so a complete set of antlers can be attached.  I have had many requests for a skull mount that would accept antlers with the skull cap . If you have a trophy set of antlers you don’t want to detach from the skull plate this skull is for you.  For installation– a clean and dry skull cap is trimmed to fit into the notched area of skull mount. Skull cap is screwed into skull mount slightly below with the contour of the skull surface contour. Approximately 1/8 of a inch below skull cap contour. All gaps and are filled with your favorite epoxy sculpting compound to match the top contour of the skull . After all the compound is completely dry, prep and clean the skull to accept hydro-graphics or paint to your preference. All products can be drilled to accept drywall or wood screws.

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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 8 in


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