Mule Deer full teeth skull with notched out skull plate


New-¬† Our long anticipated “Notched Out”, “Mule Deer,” Full Teeth European Skull mount replica. The newly notched out skull plate area of the skull, allows the installation of antler set still attached to the skull plate. This Mule Deer skull mount kit is perfect for trophies that need to be kept in its original configuration. The complete rack is easily installed without extra work of drilling holes for antler bases and no need for adjustment of antler width or drop down angle. These have incredible detail and quality. These realistic replica castings are molded from actual Mule Deer specimens. All of the natural details from the natural skull, are transferred into the durable resin reproduction. The pieces are all hand crafted. Check out our detail in the pictures! The antler set is installed by trimming the skull plate to fit into the notched out area. Once the antler set is fit into place. Holes are pre-drilled for screws to secure the rack in notched skull are. Sculpting putty or bondo is put in place to fill all voids and to make the new top contour of the Mule Deer skull.¬† Item can be sanded, drilled and tapped. Material accepts paint and hydro-graphic designs as well.

-This kit makes a realistic full teeth European mount without the messy, stinky boil out process.

-Here is a completed  customer example for reference .


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Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 8 in